Aging in Place: Four Handy Devices to Stay Comfortable and Safe at Home

As we age, some tasks become more challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Assistive devices can help people better manage their daily routine and feel confident in familiar environments.

Mobility aids include assistive devices and self-care equipment that allow for safe aging in place. Consider these five devices that help people safely assist daily tasks:

  • Reacher/grab tool. Items can be firmly grasped and lifted from a shelf or the ground with this device. Available in different lengths, a lightweight and comfortable handle makes it easy to use.
  • Shoe horn. For people with limited hand and joint function or back pain, this device allows you to easily slip into shoes with one hand. This is helpful for those with limited hand and joint function or back pain and also helps after a hip or knee surgery.
  • Swivel car seat cover. Struggling with getting into or out of a vehicle? A swivel car seat cover can be used independently or as a caregiver tool to help. The sliding technology makes running every day errands or traveling to visit friends and family easier and safer.
  • Pillows. There are so many pillows on the market, but the unique design of a 10 in-one flip pillow offers the comfort of a pillow with the support of a wedge. Your upper body and legs are supported while the pillow helps align the neck, shoulders and lumbar region when used as a back support cushion.

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